You win some, you lose some

On the rare night I stay home and not at my boyfriend’s, I like to to spend the night dealing with my insomnia by curling up in bed, watching a movie on my computer (I have no tv in my room), and doing some crocheting. I know what you’re thinking and no I am not 80. I like keeping my hands busy and making things. Anyway, for almost 2 months now my computer power cord has been taking a turn for the worse. Some how the black piece that keeps exposed wires in their place broke off and little by little the problem has been getting worse. I can usually maneuver it around so it at least charges my poor, yet spiteful, computer. Then last night I come to find this…


Well crap..

Normally I can gerry-rig my way out of these situations, I am some what of a 20-something, female Macgyver. Partly because I am good at doing those kinds of thing (being resourceful and all), but mostly because I’m not one for doing down with out a fight. And the spar was on… So a roll of tape and an hour later I go against my better judgement and decided to let the computer have THIS round, in the spirt of Christmas after all.

You may have won this battle, that doesn’t mean I’ve lost the war.

Merry Christmas everyone, hope y’all have a wonderful, enjoyable holiday.