Thank goodness the World didn’t end….


It’s a good thing that the Mayans were wrong. According to them, or crazy calendar people, the world was supposed on December 21,2012. Why is this a good thing that this did not take place? Many reasons of course but my selfish reason being that I graduated the day before. Yes that’s right, on December 20, 2012 , I graduated from college! I got, my Bachelors of Science in Nursing.. I am a BSN now.. Yay me. I am the first in my immediate family to finish college so it was a good day. With most days dealing with my family, there were good parts and bad but I walked the stage with no tripping, got to spend time with my great family, best friends, and amazing boyfriend. As selfish as it sounds, I’m glad that I actually get to use these skills that I have been learning and tested on for 2 years. How much would that have sucked?!? Heres your degree that you’ve been killing yourself over, all of the sleepless nights studying, and the next day after you walk the stage, BAM. The end of the world? Who thought that through?
Keeping my fingers crossed that I get the job of my dreams as a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and be able to help the lives of the adorable premature infants. I’ve applied but need to do more. Gosh I hope I get a job on the unit!!! So, in addition to being able to live another day of my life, I get to grow up (as stressful as it is!!) and become a great nurse, and spend more time with the love of my life, friends, and my wonderful family.