Crazy mother of mine

My parents separated not too long ago. It was really hard for a while. It’s my parents, the two people that are supposed to be together forever. I can’t say I didn’t see it coming. In all honestly, they had been fighting for a long time to only get worse in the past few months. I used my boyfriend’s house as a hide out for over a week then he made me girl up and go home to face my dad-less house. Some days are still hard but my parents new relationship is weird but more amicable than the past few years of their marriage. He still comes over to mow the lawn while my mom does his laundry. Like any child I just want my family to be together but the “adult” in me sees that this is an opportunity for her to finally be happy.

Back to one of the many reasons my mother is anyway. A few days ago she was supposed to go on a date with some guy that she met on a dating site. After my meltdown about her dating someone else, she canceled. I felt horrible. Today she put out an ad on Craig’s List. Haha, I know it sounds crazy and creepy but she is having a great time. This is the most I’ve seen her smile and laugh since I was a little kid. She is having a good time emailing and flirting with some men that respond and yes there are some creepers out there.

I will probably never be a thousand percent comfortable with the separation or either of them dating again but today is the first day she has to cried and the first day I haven’t either. So maybe if things can stay friendly this will be better for everyone. I don’t want to jinx us but is it possible to have our cake and eat it too?

There are many reasons my mother is crazy, this one is today’s. but everyday I love her.